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    Company E-Mail Solutions

    You can create e-mails according to your needs, define quotas and manage them easily with the flexible quota feature.

    Corporate Mail Solutions

    Features That Will Take You Forward


    E-Mail Admin Panel

    Advanced, modern e-mail admin panel for users.

    Daily Backup Infrastructure

    All your e-mails are backed up daily, and the risk of loss is zeroed.

    Free Anti-Spam

    It offers a protective shield against all kinds of spam attacks.

    Uninterrupted E-Mail Management

    An interruption in the e-mail service negatively affects your business. You can eliminate this problem with Mail LB.

    Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Compatible

    Access from mobile compatible interface and mobile so you can use e-mail at any time.

    Free Professional Support

    Special free professional technical support for Mail LB customers.

    Choose the Package That Best Suits Your Business


    Corporate Starter

    $ 0,89 /Month
    • 1 GB Disk Space
    • 15 GB E-Mail Attachment
    • IMAP / POP3 / SMTP
    • Personal Calendar and Address Book
    • Common Address Book
    • Free Installation Support
    • Domain Name Private Email
    • Webmail Language Support
    • Phone Support
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    The Best


    $ 1,39 /Month
    • 5 GB Disk Space
    • 15 GB E-Mail Attachment
    • IMAP / POP3 / SMTP
    • Personal Calendar and Address Book
    • Common Address Book
    • Free Installation Support
    • Domain Name Private Email
    • Webmail Language Support
    • Phone Support
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    $ 1,69 /Month
    • 10 GB Disk Space
    • 15 GB E-Mail Attachment
    • IMAP / POP3 / SMTP
    • Personal Calendar and Address Book
    • Common Address Book
    • Free Installation Support
    • Domain Name Private Email
    • Webmail Language Support
    • Phone Support
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    $ 4,08 /Month
    • 50 GB Disk Space
    • 15 GB E-Mail Attachment
    • IMAP / POP3 / SMTP
    • Personal Calendar and Address Book
    • Common Address Book
    • Free Installation Support
    • Domain Name Private Email
    • Webmail Language Support
    • Phone Support
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    Mail LB

    Professional E-Mail

    Professional E-Mail for your domain address, whether for individual or corporate use. Give confidence to your customers with professional e-mail addresses. Create as many e-mail lists as you need for your company. For example: [email protected]

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    Do a Favor to Your Company

    Get rid of the problems you experience with your company e-mails with Corporate E-Mail. Our Outlook and remote desktop supported E-Mail packages, which work smoothly on phones, tablets and computers, enable your company or institution to communicate smoothly.

    Daily automatic backups, spam protection, and industry-leading security measures help protect your company's data.

    Unlimited Support

    When you need support, you can contact us through all our communication channels.

    Easy Setup

    No expertise is required for setup; it is quite simple and understandable.

    Free Support

    Do not panic when you have a problem, we are here for you!

    Unlimited Support

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is corporate e-mail?

    The concept of corporate e-mail can be defined as an e-mail address that will be used in conjunction with your domain name to represent your brand and company; it provides high capacity in terms of quota and has a premium structure in every feature.

    What you need to do to purchase a corporate e-mail account for your company;

    • Log in to atakdomain.com/en/business-email
    • Choose the one that suits you from the email packages.
    • Follow the order processes and activate your e-mail address.

    You have the opportunity to archive your incoming and outgoing e-mails uninterruptedly by means of the archive service offered by Mail LB. At this point, the e-mail account is taken into consideration when receiving the archive service. It is not possible to receive archive service for e-mail accounts where message collection is carried out by forwarding messages from changing addresses.

    The archiving service to be received can be preferred with a limited time or space capacity. If the capacity is fully used, the messages in the archive will be automatically deleted sequentially by starting from the oldest date. In this case, this message can be downloaded before the message is deleted.

    In case where the archiving service is received with limited capacity, it is possible to make a monthly or annual payment. Within the scope of the contract, it is possible to access the messages in the archive system even if the fee continues to be paid within the period. Because the life cycle of the messages in the archive continues until the last day of the month for which you paid the fee.

    When you receive service through a professional service provider such as Mail LB, an advanced e-mail security measure is used to obtain corporate e-mail assurance. For example, when looking at these measures, there is an e-mail server that provides the use of a strong password and access control mechanisms. Moreover, while encryption is used in e-mail messaging transactions with this server, there are also different features such as spam filter software.

    When an e-mail account is deleted, it is possible to access the archive messages of this account throughout its lifetime. In this respect, you can use the archive search screen and retrieve the messages you found with your search here.

    There is no usage limit for different devices in your corporate e-mail accounts. You can install it on all the devices you want

    After activation is completed in your corporate e-mail account, an installation guide will be sent to you. You can achieve results by using the information in the guide or by using the Mail LB support team if you wish.

    If your existing e-mail accounts are in the IMAP environment, you can transfer e-mail from the old server by using the Mail LB IMAP SYNC tool. If your e-mail messages are in PST location, you can transfer them with the information provided by our support team.

    Together ith using the panel offered by Mail LB, you can easily change your e-mail address without losing any data.

    First, you can subscribe to the Mail LB web page, and then use the products menu. Your order can be easily placed by making the appropriate choice with the corporate e-mail packages you have selected in the menu.

    Sometimes there is a possibility of harmful content or viruses in messages. In this case, preventing harmful content and viruses has become very important. At this point, Mail LB is at an important point in terms of both information security and advantages that provide fast results.
    Mail LB corporate e-mail system includes a spam engine that is always up-to-date and error-free, as well as an antivirus service. In this way, harmful messages are blocked before they reach users.
    By using the quarantine management screens in the system, we review messages that are deemed harmful or suspicious one by one. If you want to receive some messages among these messages, you can receive messages instantly from this area.
    There are different details within the system for system administrators and users. White/Black list applications can always be used in Turkish for quarantine applied in terms of suspicious messages or filtering users' sending addresses.

    In such a case, by means of the services offered by Mail LB support team, you can define the changed domain names without encountering a fee difference.

    By means of the flexible packages offered by Mail LB, you also have the right to get 1 e-mail account.

    In the corporate e-mail service offered to you by Mail LB, no additional payment is required as antivirus and anti-spam features are included in the package.

    The system offered by Mail LB is always compatible with Outlook. In this respect, a solution can be easily obtained by clicking here and using the installation guide.

    Within the Mail LB system, each user can send e-mail to 100 people per hour and 1000 people per day. If you want to send much higher quantities, you can increase your quota with additional service without changing settings.

    In our corporate e-mail products, our users can allocate any amount of quota they want.

    Corporate e-mail services are basically a service offered to institutions and organizations that have a target audience that wants to receive quality service. The most important point for such institutions and organizations is to communicate with their suppliers on trust and business partnership. In this respect, it is always important to meet our customers' needs at the right time and obtain faster results by removing unnecessary formalities within the service framework. In order to achieve this, there is a flexible system in corporate e-mail services.

    No matter which model is chosen for corporate e-mail use, this number of accounts can be freely opened in the system by taking into account the number of users until a higher package is preferred. . In this context, immediate use can be made by opening an account without the need for a pre-order or provision. Our working system provides the necessary information for both parties by providing information to both us and our customers in terms of accounts activated within a service period and creating a record for the invoicing of this additional service in the next period.

    Opened or deleted within the same service period. For accounts, a service fee is required for only 1 month. This fee will not transfer the request to the next month. If our customer chooses to leave this account open permanently, they will also be billed for new service periods.

    The e-mail hosting services known as classical have a structure that does not go beyond the standard. However, corporate e-mail service can be seen as a private e-mail service for you. This special e-mail service is an integrated system with more management and forwarding advantages than the fast sending/receiving of your e-mail messages.

    Corporate e-mail service has anti-spam hardware and software in a completely corporate structure. In this system, every message sent to you first passes through spam filters and is rejected when it is determined to be unwanted, while suspicious messages are kept in quarantine. Secure protection is provided with quarantine reports that are constantly presented to you or these messages that you see instantly on the interface.

    There is always a White/Black list system in the Quarantine section. In this system, e-mail addresses of your choice or e-mails coming entirely through a domain name extension can be received directly, without any virus control, without being checked for spam, or they can be rejected completely. In other words, the system puts communication completely under your control.

    Every message received in the corporate e-mail system can remain on the server permanently. Even a directory management can be performed on the server for messages. Messages can be automatically placed in a different directory of your choice other than the inbox, and automatic marking can be used. This systematic structure can be used equally on your desktop computers, web interface and mobile devices. In other words, changes can be made in the desired environment; operations such as deleting messages, sending messages, reading messages, transferring them to the directory will automatically affect other environments, regardless of the environment in which they are made.

    The protection system applied to incoming messages in the corporate e-mail system is actually applied in the same way for outgoing messages. Sometimes an e-mail virus or Trojan horse you receive may cause infected messages to be sent to people in your address book. For this reason, the corporate e-mail system also includes a virus scanning system on the outgoing mail server and a control system for the number of transmissions, because, as it is known, in such risky situations, infected messages can be sent one after the other and quickly. In this case, in quantity-based shipments, whether they contain viruses or not, after a reasonable value is sent, the excess shipments are automatically stopped and you are given a warning and the opportunity to correct them.

    Our corporate e-mail system has the advantage of backing up both your incoming and outgoing messages. In this advantage, which is activated on a user or institution basis, messages that are deleted sometimes as a result of error or sometimes on purpose are preserved in a copy for a certain period of time and this message can be easily retrieved in the backup area.

    Corporate e-mail accounts have great benefits in daily business life, because this system aims to meet all your expectations at the highest level. In this respect, if there is any detail that you cannot see on our page or an answer you are looking for, you can easily contact us and find the answers you are looking for as quickly as possible.

    The messages you receive within the corporate e-mail infrastructure are first filtered. In this way, unwanted and desired messages are separated from each other. At this point, blacklist evaluation, system scanning, whitelist evaluation and virus scanning are performed. Along with these evaluations for incoming mail, sometimes there is a system such as direct spam and blacklist, sometimes such as whether the e-mail is received or not, where you decide. As long as there is no virus in the incoming message, it is your decision whether to accept the message as spam or to put it on the black and white list. For e-mails awaiting this decision, the system ensures that the e-mails are kept in the quarantine zone.

    For e-mails in the quarantine area, the user or institution can check the pending e-mails at any time. In fact, a report called quarantine bulletin is prepared automatically in certain periods within the system and this report is sent to the user as a message at appropriate time intervals. The system administrator can review the quarantine zone at any time, moving backwards into the past.

    As a result of the investigations in the quarantine area, the user can agree to receive some of the e-mails in this region. If a quarantined e-mail is received by the user, the e-mail address or domain name to which this message was sent can be added to the white list at any time. Sometimes the user can choose not to receive certain messages that regularly reach him or her and are quarantined by adding them to the blacklist.

    The quarantine zone system has been developed in order to avoid encountering a wrong system within Mail LB system and to provide the highest benefit to the user. While the quarantine zone is managed by the administrator and the user personally, an automatic application can be achieved with filters thanks to the general assembly policy created. The main purpose is to relieve the user's workload and ensure that the right messages reach you with this service approach.

    Within the corporate e-mail service, each e-mail account has a large capacity. Generally, capacities vary between 1 GB and 10 GB for each account. Although this capacity is generally above the market, there is also a flexible quota application within the system.

    By means of this system, even if your account is at full capacity, every incoming message is still accepted in your account. Because such a system has been developed to prevent users from experiencing space constraints and message loss. The system examines account quotas by taking certain times of the day as a criterion within its own working routine. As a result of this review, we provide information to users and us about accounts with quota exceedances. In this way, the user can clear old messages using the webmail system or preserve the necessary e-mails by downloading them.

    You always have the opportunity to increase the quota in your corporate e-mail accounts. If the quota for an account is full, the user can request to increase the capacity, because the warning messages sent to the user aim for this. For users who consistently exceed the normal quota, the operator can increase the quota by providing information.

    In fact, there is a message sending quota to prevent the method known as "Back Scatter" in sending spam messages. Because Trojan horses or some viruses can cause viruses to be sent to the entire address book very quickly. Message sending quota also prevents such problems.

    Your corporate e-mail accounts have an online backup area independent of your computer. While this area has a varying capacity depending on the package you choose, you can patrol the area or not. When the backup area is activated, a copy of each incoming message is delivered to you and a copy is kept in the backup area.

    The active backup system works integratedly with your e-mail accounts. To whichever account address the message arrives within the system, the backup is performed within that account's backup area. In order to avoid capacity overflow and blockage, past messages are automatically deleted after a certain period of time, starting from the oldest. Depending on the demands, the backup area can always be increased to a higher capacity by purchasing an additional service.

    Each institution can determine its own policy regarding access and review in terms of backing up messages. Backups can be made available by administrators, sometimes by all account holders, or sometimes only by the system administrator. While an authorization is provided for the person who will access the backups, the authorized person can organize the backup mechanism as he/she wishes. Backup messages in the system can be accessed by using the web interface, and these messages can even be sent back to the inbox from the backup system.

    Backup accounts for corporate e-mail have a very important saving feature. In this respect, the backup space can be arranged depending on your preferences and you can get the maximum benefit.

    In the corporate e-mail service, every message coming to the domain is received on different servers. While some of these servers operate by geography point, they have spam detection and shielding features. Messages reaching the server are evaluated on a user-based blacklist or whitelist basis. Afterwards, antivirus and antispam analysis is performed and the acceptance or rejection of the message is determined. While suspicious messages are waiting in the quarantine area, the message is retrieved or deleted depending on the user's decision.

    With this system, messages reaching your domain name reach your account's server via push e-mail, that is, instant delivery. If the server that will receive the message is not working or unreachable, the message is kept in the pool. This means that there is no data loss in any message.

    When considered in terms of outgoing messages, there are more than one server set. At this point, you can work independently of the server where your main account is located. If the e-mails you send out cannot be reached because there is more than one server, the e-mails will be sent via a different server in another attempt, be means of the DNS system. This system always has continuity and your outgoing messages will reach the recipient quickly in any way. This means that even if there is a problem with the server where your account is located while sending, the message will still be sent.

    You are offered a wide account area from the very first point of your corporate e-mail accounts. However, with a flexible system, even if your e-mail capacity is full, you can still receive messages or continue by using them without deleting the message.

    Our system includes a flexible structure to keep historical messages on the server at all times. You can access old messages from any point you want, or even see who sent a message that is several years old, from your smartphone or internet interface.

    Sometimes you can want to leave even your very old messages in the system for a long time and ask for more storage space for this. In these cases, you can optionally increase the capacity up to 10 GB for corporate e-mail. After the capacity increase, the messages in your old warehouse can be transferred to a larger system area, classified and archived.

    Within the Mail LB system, you can reach the technical support team by phone during working hours both on weekdays and on weekends. You can also request support by stating your problems via e-mails sent to [email protected] outside working hours.